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With compassion & kindness, we journey together

Creating space for animal welfare professionals to express how they feel in group settings is something we enjoy. Although we might have an outline and a presentation, I feel my way into the group and try to sense what folks are up for as a collective and then as individuals. With compassion and kindness we journey together into a more expansive space where we all might experience a higher perspective on what is currently pulling at our hearts and souls, calling for investigation, conversation, light and love.

Workshops can be customized to suit the organization, the topic, the group or a combination of all three. Our workshops are lively, organic experiences with welcome input and participation from attendees. We honor the light, the expression and the energy from everyone and we love when people feel safe and comfortable enough to share their feelings and stories in a group setting. Everyone benefits and nobody leaves untouched by the vulnerability and sacredness that arises from the experience.

Workshops and webinars range from $500 – $750. Some of the most common topics for animal welfare professionals are:

Self-Care for animal welfare professionals







While we are happy to offer on-line webinars, we strive for in-person events, but that’s not always possible. The webinars are comprised of a full presentation with slides, questions, tools and welcome participation.

Guest Speakers


We offer the opportunity for guest speakers that cover topics associated with well-being and self-care. Guest speakers can range from Veterinarians, to Energy Workers, Homeopaths, Animal Communicators, Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Workers, Pet Death Care Professionals and more.

The Benefits

A forty-five minute workshop can easily pop into the lunch spot for any organization. Ultimately, light can be shed in areas that benefit and employees leave feeling equipped with new tools that can enhance their work, their workplace and co-worker interaction. It’s a win-win.

Bringing in someone who understands the nature of the work is beneficial, because to truly understand the workings of the heart of the animal welfare professional we believe the person offering the support must be made of the same fabric.

“Elizabeth was so kind, compassionate, and accommodating to our needs during a very difficult time. She provided an alternative safe space for employees to share their thoughts and feelings, and to help them get on the road to recovery and a positive path forward.”

Tina, San Diego Humane Society

“Elizabeth is a wonderful partner and resource to our organization. Her trainings, workshops, and 1:1 sessions enable our staff to see a path through compassion fatigue and trauma towards resiliency and healing. Elizabeth’s work is incredibly impactful for those in the animal welfare industry and her passion for helping both people and animals is evident.”

Brent, San Diego Humane Society

“This workshop was so unique. Some of the tools I had never heard of before but they made complete sense. Everyone should take this workshop. I feel more empowered to handle scenarios that come up in my day with more confidence now. Time well spent!”

Workshop Attendee

“The workshop wasn’t at all what I had expected it to be. I expected a lecture structure with bullet points of “how to overcome compassion fatigue”. To my surprise, it was nothing like that. Elizabeth had such a wonderful and calming presence which alone provided ease. By acknowledging each individual in the room, thanking them, and allowing them to feel heard added a wonderful balance I don’t think any of us expected. Her ability to force you to revisit how to create boundaries, self-care, read the situation were great reminders.

Workshop Attendee

“She was so compassionate and kind. Her voice just made you feel more calm and relaxed. She should do books on tape!”

Workshop Attendee

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