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Animals heal in the most profound and simplistic of ways. If it could be bottled we’d be millionaires, but if you are blessed to have a beast to help you through life’s challenges, you may find yourself having a less turbulent time because they help us in ways that are unquantifiable yet truly miraculous. They are the healers of the planet and they look for nothing in return, except that we become receivers of their goodness and ultimately pass it on.


Grieving can be lonely and isolating. Having animals around us can be therapeutic during this difficult time. Unlike people they have no advice but can provide healing qualities just from their presence, their soulful eyes and their energy. The silence of an animal is underrated and transformative. Just their gentle touch, their purr, a good face lick, a head butt can help.


Even though we have so many commitments at work and home, being needed by animals keeps us going through tough times. They rely on us for their food, their exercise and their stimulation. Caring for creatures feels good and feeling good raises our endorphins and makes us feel useful and keeps us busy. And busy is good.


To keep moving during difficult times, to keep that energy circulating is super beneficial. Energy is only ever doing one of two things, circulating or stagnating. Walking, running, hiking, biking, swimming, yoga; whatever feels good do it. Walk the dog, play with the cat, take the horse out for a trot, hang with the goats or walk amongst the cows. A hike won’t dissolve your grief or eliminate your trauma, but you can set aside your feelings for a while and get a sweat on.


Bless the animals that make us laugh out loud at their shenanigans. There is never a time when they are not wanting to raise our vibration and bring us back to our essential self. Humor is one of the most direct routes to healing and letting go. We take our lives so seriously and yes, there are times we should, but to lighten up, to let in the sun and the laughter out, is medicine for the heart, soul and everything in between. Bless, bless, bless the animals and bless you.