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We understand what you’re going through

Animal care workers see things they cannot un-see, hear things they cannot un-hear and live through events that break their hearts. They see the best and the worst of humanity. Yet they keep coming back and it is our intention, with personalized support, to have them come back – not only whole, but with a grander perspective on things and a sense of true well-being.

The support and tools you need

The support offered is customized to each individual’s needs. Specialized support means chatting to someone who understands and who has been there, knowing nothing will be judged. We honor that space along with tools for self-care, self-compassion, awareness and well-being. Tools make such a difference when we are in the thick of things which allow us release what no longer serves, and move through situations with ease and grace that before might have caused discomfort.

Trauma shouldn’t be ignored

Trauma takes many forms and in this field professionals are exposed to trauma that can range from minor to severe. Sometimes we don’t know how the trauma affects us until down the road we find ourselves experiencing a physical, emotional or psychological symptom in an unexpected moment. We have found that having someone who understands and who is not afraid to stand in that space and witness our pain, healing can occur sometimes instantaneously. Ultimately, we feel the best way to measure success after any session is the amount of peace and space that opens up within and around us.

“I had reached out for help before due to a traumatic incident at work and although the support I received was good, it didn’t reach the places in me that needed connection and healing. So grateful for the space Elizabeth created to share what was making my heart heavy and work difficult”.

“I didn’t have time to leave work that week but Elizabeth was able to fit in a zoom appointment during my lunch break. When I talked I knew she knew what I was feeling as she honored my emotions. For that I am extremely grateful."

“I have been in this profession for over a decade and have seen people come and go. I felt broken when I saw Elizabeth, as though I needed fixing. Turns out, I don’t. This is a huge learning curve for me but I’m willing to try anything if it means more peace, more acceptance of where I am at and more hopeful that I am not alone in how I feel.”

“When someone sees you, really sees you, you don’t need words much. We did some crying and laughing and I just felt lighter, like I let go of some baggage that may not have even been mine. Either way, I enjoyed my time talking to Elizabeth and the sense of connection was unexpected.”

“I had a couple of remote sessions with Elizabeth to help me through a very difficult time at work and ultimately, life. We take the animals home with us and we wonder if we have done enough. I am learning to be kinder to myself. I try to let things go now and offer them up at the end of the day. It’s not rocket science but it helps my heart, my life and ultimately my work.”

The Benefits

We feel everyone benefits from sharing their story. When we move away from right and wrong, good and bad – we see that in sharing what we thought we might never share, we grow; we grow into the future versions of ourselves that allow us continue to work in our chosen field and support the animal planet in only the ways that we can.


Zoom $125

In Person $225