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the way for animal care workers and the organizations they work for

Self-awareness, self-care,
& self-compassion

For those who support the well-being of animals

People who choose to work in the animal welfare industry are drawn to animals and their care in a way that defies words. It is as though they are implanted with a code in their DNA that propels them forward into a career choice that seems almost choice-less. They are acknowledging and responding to a calling from the animal planet which they cannot ignore. Quite simply, there is no comparable industry in the world to that of caring for the welfare of animals and no comparable people to those that hear the calling and respond.

From Veterinarians, to Farmers, Veterinary Technicians or Nurses, Animal Rescue Workers, Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers, Zoo Keepers, Animal Control Officers, Animal Trainers, Wildlife Biologists, Animal Communicators, Park Rangers, Wildlife Conservationists, Animal Shelter Workers, Animal Therapists and Animal Sciences and Education Workers – they all have one thing in common – they could not imagine doing anything else than working with and for the wellbeing of animals.

Here’s how we can help

We offer workshops and professional development


and classes

We love creating a space for animal care professionals to gather and exhale. In this space we offer tools and jewels for awareness, self-care, life-style upgrades, share stories and nurture a continuing deep appreciation for who we are, what we do and why we are here.



Working with and for animals can be emotional and demanding work.  Getting support navigating the road ahead and making healthy career and personal choices can make a huge difference in combating compassion fatigue and burnout, while increasing longevity and enhancing career satisfaction. 

“As a veterinarian and a partner with Elizabeth I feel peace knowing my clients and their pets are being treated with the utmost dignity and respect. If you have landed in the loving hands of Elizabeth for any service she offers, please take a deep breath and know that you are in the right place.”

Dr. Madison

“I have worked with Elizabeth numerous times to handle the aftercare for my clients She is always dependable, compassionate and reliable. I have only heard great feedback from grieving clients. I highly recommend their services”.

Dr. Joe

I have worked with Elizabeth for the last two years and found her to be very compassionate, understanding and dependable. As a veterinarian who provides in home euthanasia it is important to me that owners feel comfortable with the person who is taking care of their pets' aftercare. Elizabeth has been exceptional in this regard. She is perfectly suited for this graceful endeavor.

Dr. Sue